Dancing with the Stars at the EyeBall 2012 - Pictures


01s Conngresswoman and EyeBAll 2012 chair Diane Black
02s “Dancing with the stars at EyeBall” three judges: Dr. Ming Wang, EyeBall 2012 Chair Congresswoman Diane Black and Danny Baye.
03s Dr Ming Wang
04s Vicki Yates, Jonathan Bungard, Juanita Simanekova, Rudy Kalis and Jennifer Kirksmith.
05s Eyeball invite on table
06s EyeBall scene with a big eye ball on screen
08s TN Congressman Glen Casada and Jennifer Kirksmith.
09s Ming & Paris
10s JJ
11s Rudy Kalis and Juanita Simanekova.
12s Shirley Zeitlin and Dennis Woods.
13s Vicki Yates and Jonathan Bungard.
14s Dr Wang, Colleen Conway-Welch, and Ted Welch
eyeball2012v2s Eyeball 2012 Official Photo.
15s African dancer
16 African drummers
17s Jennifer Kirksmith and Dennis Woods
18s Jennifer Kirksmith and Dennis Woods in practice
19s Juanita Simanekova and Jonathan Bungard.